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UtilX Corporation
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Kent, WA 98064-9709
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Power Cable Solutions


Power cables sustain damage from the environment over time, particularly water damage.  Water accumulation in cables can cause two types of problems:  the formation of water trees, which result in poor dielectric performance, and splice or component failures.  Water damage disrupts service, leading to outages and repair calls.

When facing this problem there are only two choices:

  • Repair or rejuvenate aging cable
  • Replace old cable with new cable
Replacement of power cable is an expensive proposition.  This is particularly true in both industrial locations as well as residential areas.  For aging medium voltage power cables with standard conductors, the best solution is often CableCURE® treatment.

To read more about the CableCURE process click here.

UtilX has decades of experience solving the worst reliability problems on more than 120 million feet (36,500 KM) of cable.  When faced with aging cables, UtilX offers advanced technologies that significantly extend the life of conventional cables.

“Treating URD cables has deferred cable replacement costs of $180 million dollars. Utilizing CableCURE injection has mitigated high fault activity, freeing up resources and improving customer service and reliability.”

ICC Fall Meeting, San Antonio, 2008
Jacki Kenney-Feldhahn, Cable Asset Manager
Salt River Project, Phoenix, AZ

Choosing CableCURE technology, Powered by Dow Corning™, to rejuvenate aging cable results in the following benefits:

  • Leverage budget dollars. CableCURE costs significantly less than traditional cable replacement allowing limited resources to be optimized.
  • Reduce unscheduled outages and customer complaints. The time-tested and field-proven CableCURE injection process leads to reduced outages and is applied with minimal disruption to customers.
  • Capitalized treatment costs.  In a letter order to Georgia Power Company, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has stated that CableCURE technology may be capitalized when its purpose is to extend the useful life of the treated cables. Read a Rural Utilities Service (RUS) letter about capitalization.
  • Extend cable life. CableCURE will extend the life of previously installed, solid-dielectric cables by a minimum of 20 years at a mere fraction of the cost of replacement.

"We injected our first cables in 1996; approximately 7,600 feet. In that particular subdivision, our failure rate went from one fault every six weeks to one fault since that time. Not only does CableCURE treatment improve service, it improves customer relationships by avoiding trenching through existing landscaped easements".

Mike Stringer, Construction Manager
Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, RE Magazine, April 2004

  • 20-year warranty.  Cables treated with UtilX' proprietary CableCURE injection technology are backed by a 20-year-warranty.  For more information about our warranty please contact your nearest sales manager.
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